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Are you simply too busy running and building your company to find time to do the accounting? "Do you find yourself with a shoebox full of receipts to sort out at the end of the year?"


Here at In-Books we recognise that your time is important and should be channelled into the development of your business.


We offer both payroll and book-keeping services, managing all the financial aspects of your business and dealing directly with your accountant, taking the pressure off and allowing you the time to do what you do best...


Having had experience of running a business, we understand all those common and frustrating problems encountered day to day.


Our services are tailored to suit your company and we are able to work from our offices or yours (if in the local areas mentioned below).


We are equipped to sort out problems caused by late, or simply neglected, books.


We are only a phone call away during usual working hours and, of course, can be emailed any time.


We cover all local  areas includingNorthamptonshire, Leicestershire,Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.




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